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Fron/Dudko Family Ancestry


While the Fron and Dudko lines are wholly of Polish origin and from Poland directly, we have left our mark across not only the States, but have joined with our loved ones and spouses from locales, worldwide. The following is a list of known birth and death locations, as well as residences during our ancestor's lifetimes.


Alabama, Jackson County
Allen, NC (later Person County) in home of son, Caswell County
Arkansas, Benton County
Arkansas, Eglanline
Arkansas, Little Rock
Austria, Vienna
Blue Springs Cemetery
England, Essex
England, Essex Co, Felstead
England, Essex Co, Great Dunmow
England, Essex Co, Great Dunmow, Thaxted
England, Essex Co, Lindsell
England, Essex County
England, Essex, Thaxted
England, Essexshire Co
England, Essexshire Co, Thaxted
Florida, Milton
Florida, Pensacola, Christ Church
Florida, Santa Rosa County
GA, Clarke Co
Gentry Family Cemetery
Germany, Mittenwald
John E. Hall Cemetary
John E. Hall Home
John Ethelder Hall home
Kentucky, Lyon County, Bethany Cemetary
KY, Adair County
KY, Caldwell County
KY, Clark Co, Winchester
KY, Clark or Boonesboro Co, Winchester
KY, Clark Co, Westchester
KY, Clark County
KY, Clark County, Winchester
KY, Clark, Winchester
KY, Lyon County
KY, Lyon County, Eddyville
KY, Lyon County, Old Eddyville Cemetary
KY, Lyon County, Pleasant Hill Cemetary
KY, Madison Co, Richmond
KY, Madison Co, Will
KY, Madison County
KY, Trigg County, Golden Pond
KY, Trigg County
KY, VA/Adair Co, Louisa Co
Moulton Church
North Carolina
NC, Johnston Co
NC, Lunenburg Co
NC, Parson Co
NC, Pearson Co
NC, Person County
NC, Surrey County
NC, Surry Co
NC, Surry Co.
NC, Surry/Yadkin County
North Carolina
OK, Mannford
OK, Sapulpa
SC, Edgefield Co
SC, Spartanburg District
South Carolina
St. Peter's Church
Tennessee, Green County
Tennessee, Jackson County
Tennessee, McNairy County
Tennessee, White County, Sparta
Texas, Beaumont
Texas, Erath County
Texas, Houston
Texas, Huntington
Texas, Jacksonville
Texas, Rockland
TN, Dickson County
TN, Fort Nashboro
TN, Jefferson Co
TN, Jefferson Co, Danridge
TN, Jefferson County
TN, Overton
TN, White County
Tx, Dallas
Tx, Ft.Worth
TX, Grimes County
Tx, Hannibal
TX, Huckaby
TX, Lockney
Tx, Mesquite
TX, Mineral Wells
Tx, near Gordon
Tx, near Thurber
Tx, Ranger
Tx, Stephenville
Tx, Thurber
Tx, Tolar
US, Arkansas
US, Arkansas, Benton County
US, California
US, California, Los Angeles, Huntington Park
US, California, Los Angeles
US, California, San Bernardino, Hesperia
US, California, San Diego
US, California, Santa Barbara
US, Georgia
US, Georgia, Clark County
US, Idaho, Kootenai, Coeur d' Alene
US, Illinois, St. Charles
US, Maine, Bangor
US, Mississippi
US, Mississippi, Lowndes County
US, Missouri
US, Missouri, Saline County
US, Montana
US, Montana, Great Falls
US, Montana, Missoula, Missoula
US, Nevada, Clark, Las Vegas
US, Nevada, Las Vegas
US, New Jersey, Hackensack
US, New Mexico, Hobbs
US, New Mexico, Roswell
US, North Carolina
US, North Carolina, Lunneberry County
US, North Dakota
US, Oklahoma, Healdton
US, Oklahoma, Sand Springs
US, Oklahoma, Sulphur Springs
US, Oklahoma, Tulsa
US, South Dakota
US, South Carolina
US, Tennessee
US, Tennessee, Cannon
US, Texas
US, Texas, Big Spring
US, Texas, Center
US, Texas, Cisco, Gordon
US, Texas, Dallas, Dallas
US, Texas, Denton
US, Texas, Eastland County
US, Texas, Eastland, Eastland
US, Texas, Eastland, Ranger
US, Texas, El Paso, El Paso
US, Texas, Erath County
US, Texas, Erath, Stephenville
US, Texas, Erath, Thurber
US, Texas, Garland
US, Texas, Glen Rose
US, Texas, Graceland County
US, Texas, Grayson county
US, Texas, Grimes County
US, Texas, Hannibal
US, Texas, Huckaby
US, Texas, Jay Bird Community
US, Texas, Justin Cemetery: Denton
US, Texas, Levelland
US, Texas, Mesquite
US, Texas, Mineral Wells
US, Texas, Ponder
US, Texas, Strawn
US, Texas, Sulphur Springs
US, Texas, Tarrant
US, Texas, Tarrant, Fort Worth
US, Texas, Tolar
US, Virginia
US, Virginia, Hanover County
US, Virginia, New Kent County
US, Washington, Bellingham
US, Washington, Clark, Vancouver
US, Washington, Spokane, Spokane
VA or NC, New Kent
VA, Abermarle Co
VA, Abermarle Co, Charlottesville
VA, Albemarle Co
VA, Albemarle County
VA, Albemarle or Louisa Co, Charlotte
VA, Botetourt Co
VA, Cumberland Co
VA, Goochland
VA, Halifax Co
VA, Halifax County
VA, Hanover
VA, Hanover Co
VA, Hanover Co, St. Paul's Parish, Pamunkey Neck
VA, Hanover County, New Kent
VA, Hanover County, Stone Horse Creek
VA, Hanover, St. Paul's Parish, Pamunkey Neck
VA, Hanover/Louisa Co
VA, Hanover/New Kent
VA, Kent County
VA, Louisa
VA, Louisa Co
VA, Louisa Co, Charlettesville
VA, Louisa Co, Fredericks Parish
VA, Louisa Co, Fredericksville
VA, Louisa Co, Fredricksville
VA, NC/New Kent, Guilford Co
VA, New Kent
VA, New Kent Co, St. Peters Parish, Pamunkey Neck
VA, New Kent County
VA, New Kent County (later Hanover County), Totopotomoy Creek
VA, New Kent County, St. Peter' s Parish
VA, New Kent County, St. Peter's Parish
VA, New Kent County, St. Peter's Parish, Pamunkey Neck
VA, New Kent County, Totopotomoy Creek
VA, New Kent/Louisa, St. Paul's Parish
VA, New Keny Co
VA, Stafford Co, Overwharton
VA, Stafford, Overwharton
VA, Stratford County
VG, New Kent Co
VG, New Kent Co, St. Peter's Parrish, Pamunkey Neck
Virginia, Albermarle County
Virginia, Cumberland County
Virginia, Hanover County
Virginia, Louisa County
Virginia, Lunenburg Co
Virginia, Lunenburg County


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Disclosure: This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means to earn fees and support the server costs by linking to Amazon.com products and affiliated sites.

*Prices are the same whether you order direct or via the links provided.
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